Jan 03, 2023
Jason Martin - Guest of Roger Ruetten
(Zoom meeting) The Reel Hope Project - Creating videos of kids who are waiting to be adopted

Jason and his wife Marla are the proud parents of Spencer and Emilia, siblings they adopted from the foster care system in 2010 and 2011, respectively. Jason’s personal experience adopting through foster care has ignited a passion to spread awareness about the needs of foster children and the importance of foster care adoption. With a background in church ministry, public speaking, and team coaching, Jason is equipped and excited to connect with local communities as an Event Speaker for The Reel Hope Project.

Our goal is to make a video for every child in foster care who is waiting to be adopted. In 2016, we launched in Minnesota. Today, we are actively expanding our mission and serving kids in other states across the country.


To complete our mission of a forever family for every child, our goal is to make a video for every kid in our state who is awaiting adoption.

1. The Reel Hope Project provides each reel to the county and adoption agency representing each kid for their adoption recruitment.

2. We take the reels to faith communities and events every week, introducing as many people as possible to these kids.