Posted on Aug 22, 2022
A HUGE THANK YOU! - To all the riders who came to Stillwater last Sunday for another great day of bicycling around the St. Croix Valley and were able to join us for after-ride festivities in downtown Stillwater. Here are some pictures from one of the rest areas: photo album.
  • Over 560 riders participated in the Bridge the Valley - Bike Rallly rally this year which represents a 20% increase over 2021
  • The weather was very agreeable this year, cloudy and not as hot as last year
  • Initial feedback from riders was very positive – they were pleased with routes, rest stops, and food, drink and entertainment after the ride
  • The success of this event and leading into next year (2023) will help to continue funds to over 30+ local, regional and international service projects, events and initiatives that build upon Stillwater Sunrise Rotary's effort in Doing Good in the the World which has impacted and improved thousands of lives
  • More information on Stillwater Sunrise Rotary's Doing Good in the World efforts can be found other places on this website, start here
See you next August in Stillwater, for another great Bridge the Valley – Bike Rally