1/11/2019—Three SAHS alums stopped by to visit STRIVE Mentoring classes before they headed back to college to start their spring semester. Tyler Banks ’17, Carson Humphrey ’17 and Evan Grau ’18 shared their experience in college so far with 60 juniors and seniors who were ever so curious and nervous about college. Do I have to know my major right away? How many hours of homework should I expect? What are ways I can earn money while going to college? How do I avoid the “freshman 15?” Who will do my laundry?
Tyler and Carson—both attending Century College—are former STRIVE Mentoring students and had a lot of great information to share about the advantage of the local community college route. Tyler was especially helpful as he attended Univ. of Wisc-Stout before returning to Minnesota to continue his college exploration. Evan is in an aggressive program at Wisconsin-Madison and defending how much a student’s high school experience can pave the way for a successful start to college.