1/25/2019—The primary concern this year’s STRIVE Mentoring students have is the cost of college. Jeff Bria—long-time college administrator and current college planning consultant—shared with the students this morning that less than half of college students graduate from the first college they go to. Why is this the case? The college was not the right fit for the student.
The average college graduate takes 5.2 years to complete their degree—increasing the amount of money it takes for a degree and taking time away from being in the job market and earning money.
Both issues, Jeff says, come down to college planning. Far too few families take college planning seriously, and as a result spend more money and time pursuing a degree than is necessary. College planning should begin no later than a student’s junior year of high school and should continue well past admission and registration for their freshman year of college.
Jeff shared with the STRIVE Mentoring students strategies for planning, things to  consider, and how planning early for college can create a college experience that is socially, academically and financially successful.