Posted on Mar 09, 2022
Our club participates with our district and other partners to implement this grant to develop a water system for the town of El Corozo in Nicaragua. We recently got a detailed update showing great progress. Key activities underway at the present time include:
  • Completion of all technical analysis, design, and specifications for the water system
  • Risk mitigation of technical designs and operation
  • Community development and training
Risks associated with the required drilling depth are being controlled now. An engineer with Engineers Without Borders is providing detailed technical analysis and design calculations for this project. Additional work is being done by the Planting Change Foundation to provide community training for water governance and water science. The Managua Tiscapa Rotary Club has been helping with reviewing the plan, and has provided some very helpful vendor recommendations.
Final title work for the land transfer is underway now, and the necessary bank accounts arrangements are being made. The grant was submitted on 1/24/22, and more information has been requested. Two documents remain (land purchase verification, hydrogeological studies) to resume the approvals process. In the meantime, additional funding has been secured to cover some items that needed to be added to the initial project plan.
The project continues to make steady progress, and we're looking forward to the end result of clean water being provided efficiently to a community that is well-prepared to manage and maintain the system.