Posted on Oct 01, 2022
The water project made excellent progress during September, with the pumping test providing graphic evidence the project is going well. A flow of 48 gallons/minute was observed, which will fully meet the community needs. The budget plan was reviewed, and the project appears to be financially on track. Water quality testing has been done, and the report will be available next month. Coming up is the construction of the pump house, installation of the pump, then retaining tanks and community distribution piping. Project legal and documentation details are being managed. Some new pictures are available in the new album. And please click "Read More" for the full report.
Rotary District 5960 El Corozo (Nicaragua) – Water Project UPDATE, September 2022
The weather was somewhat agreeable in early September and much progress was made on the project. The drilling of the well was finished, then the pumping test and water quality test was done, and we have moved into the next part of the project. There was more rain at the end of the month which has slowed down some of the subsequent work.

We continue to monitor all costs relative to the grant budget and are currently projecting to be slightly under the grant budget.

Planting Change Foundation (PCF) / CENICA, along with Engineers Without Borders (EWB), and the Managua Tiscapa Rotary Club have been continuing to work with the drilling company (McGregor) while the drilling work is being done.
PCF/CENICA is continuing to work with national government agencies to achieve tax exempt status for the El Corozo CAPS group. The team is still waiting on the National Government to finalize.
Weekly meetings have been held with McGregor, PCF/CENICA, EWB, Managua Tiscapa (Jorge) and me (Rick H). These meetings have been very beneficial to facilitate group communication and to resolve technical differences in a timely and productive manner. Very good input and participation from all partners.
EWB is taking a more active role in the supervision and updates for the project to review all McGregor calculations and details, and because of the next part of the project where more construction will take place.

Drilling completed: The drilling of the well was completed on August 13th and the well was capped.
Pumping Test: McGregor performed a 12-hour pumping test of the well using a 35hp (loaner) pump and generator on September 6th. The pumping test was able to effectively pump at 48gpm which is well above the 30gpm operational needs for the community. A water quality test was also done by a contractor specializing in these tests. Water was sampled during the pumping test and sent to a lab. Water quality testing results are expected the week of October 2nd.
Pump House: After the pumping test was completed materials for the pump house were were purchased and moved into the community on September 19th. Rain at this period slowed down the ability of the driller to remove the equipment from the site and start the pump house construction. The weather eventually cleared, the equipment was moved, and the pump house construction started on September 26th. More rain happened this week but the current scheduled date of completion of the pump house is October 10th.
Electrical wiring to pump house: The quotes, contracts, and pre-payment with Energia Verde are complete. Energia Verde is not on hold while the pump house is being completed.
Installation of the final pump: McGregor and EWB have reviewed the results of the pumping test, and design specifications and have made their final agreement for the pump. The contracts for the McGregor pump installation are being finalized now, with the intention that McGregor can also start work installing the pump as soon as the pump house is complete. Since a crane will be needed for the pump installation, the weather in mid-October will be a concern because heavy rains will make the road into El Corozo impassable
for a heavy crane.

We are also working to complete the specifications for the retaining tanks. Specifications and quotes for the retaining tanks are expected to be done by October 10th. The intention is to start pouring concrete for the support slab for the retaining tanks as soon as possible after October 10th. The concrete will take about 20
days to cure so we are targeting early November for the installation of the retaining tanks.
Once the retaining tanks are complete, then water will be available to the community. The project then moves to Phase 5 where the piping from the retaining tanks all homes and installing meters at each home will be completed.
CAPS continues to work very hard with PCF/CENICA to get the final approval and certification for tax exempt status for the water project. The final approval is at the Nicaraguan version of the IRS (national agency) and this is ongoing.
Land purchase and land title transfer. Still awaiting final title transfer for the land.
The community has been actively supervising the drilling work and were at the pumping test. Members of the community have also been available to help move materials for the pump house and assist with construction. Members of the community even had to provide oxen and people to “tow” a truck out of a portion of the road that had washed out and caused the truck to get stuck.