Posted on Jan 24, 2023
Our Stillwater Sunrise Rotary club supported a global grant project originated by the Northfield Rotary club with a $1,000 grant.  Vicki Dilley sent along this wonderful progress report (note the link for photos):
Dear Partners,
Clean drinking water will soon be available to many folks in Nyamuswa, Tanzania because of your work on the Rotary Global Grant Water Project. 
So much of the credit goes to Moses who has kept this project on track and moving forward as fast as possible. He knows how important water is to this community.  Asante Sana, Moses! Moses has been great at sending photos of phase I. Phase II should commence this week. Trenches have been hand dug, solar panels assembled, raised platforms for water tanks have been built.  Enjoy viewing these photos and videos.  I will put more in this shared file, as they come in. 
Have a great day, Vicki 
Vicki Dilley