Posted by Ted Nesse on Apr 12, 2022
Today, Chris Stein of the U S National Park Service spoke to our group, on the topic "Pollinators: What they do for us and what we can do to help them. He dedicated his program today to Craig Leiser who was very interested the environment and pollinators. Here is a handout he provided, and read more, below, for details.
Chris is a member of ESRAG which stands for Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group.  He told us about Operation Pollination which is a collaborate Rotary project with the goal in mind of restoring the habitat for pollinators and  educating  people about the importance of pollinators.  Pollinators are responsible for more than 85% of the world's plants which are the base of the food chain.  They unite us across the nation and are essential for life on earth.  Unfortunately their numbers have declined 45% world wide.    Operation Pollination doesn't cost anything to join aside from time and resources that you devote to your project.  In 2015 the St. Croix Partnership began and with the help of Federal Land Managers began a program to address the problem of dwindling numbers of pollinators.  Soon different Rotary Clubs got on board and in 2021 District 6450, which is Chicago One, passed a Resolution  that would enable more and more clubs to decide to make a difference.  Pollinator projects encourage everyone to plant pollinator friendly native plants in your yard because every plant makes a difference.  There are three steps needed to begin.  First develop your pollinator resolution. Second enlist partners to sign a pollinator pledge resolution and finally put partners names on the back of your resolution.  For further information please visit  If you want to contact Chris Stein, his email is   Our Club already is a part of this and have our own pollinator garden at Ramsey Park.