Posted on May 20, 2022

This week, we got a thank you from the Anoka police chief, and the Anoka-Champlin fire chief. The Anoka Rotary club led a project to create a wellness/fitness center for first responders, and our club was honored to be able to support this project with a donation:

On behalf of the Anoka Police and the Anoka-Champlin Fire Departments, we would like to thank your Rotary group for supporting the grant that was spearheaded by Anoka Rotary for upgrades to our First Responder Fitness Center. We truly are humbled and honored by the support that was generated not only by our local Rotarian community, but also by the Rotary groups like yours that demonstrate the amazing outreach and commitment to public service that  Rotarians have. (click Read More)


Read the full letter, here: Thank You Letter