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In 2021-2022, the International Institute of Minnesota will be welcoming newly arrived refugee families from around the world, including those from Afghanistan. Our club is supporting this work by organizing a Housing Donation Drive. This plays an essential role in welcoming new families by sourcing donations from friends, family or through service opportunities. We will deliver these supplies to the Institute to be used in housing set ups.
Please review the lists, below, and then go to our donations page ( to indicate what you can contribute. You can see what has already been donated here on the donated list at If you need to delete an entry, just submit another "other" entry with notes describing the change.  We'll collect the actual contributions at our meetings during January.

Essential Donations
Here is the primary list of needed items (lined-out items are spoken for):
Item: Quantity: Notes:
1. Pots and pans 3+ pots, 3+ pans Of varying size: small, medium,
and large
2. Dinner plates 5 or more Microwaveable if possible
3. Bowls 5 or more Microwaveable if possible
4. Eating utensils 5 spoons, 5 forks, 5 steak knives,
5 butterknives
More than 5 is also welcome
5. Cups/Glasses 5 or more
6. Coffee mugs 3 or more Microwaveable if possible
7. Cooking knives 2 or more Of varying size if possible
8. Clothes hangers 25 or more (have 15, need more)
9. Can opener 1
10. Shower curtain 1 (have 2) New only
11. Blankets 2 or more (we have
4 small/throw blankets)
New or gently used
12a. Twin Bed Complete Set
12b. Twin Bed Complete Set
12c. Twin Bed Complete Set
12d. Twin Bed Complete Set
4* or more (have 9 sets) New only
Includes: sheets, pillow case(s),
12e. Twin Bed Comforter
12f. Twin Bed Comforter
12g. Twin Bed Comforter
12h. Twin Bed Comforter
  New only
13a. Full Bed Complete Set
13b. Full Bed Complete Set
2* or more
New only
Includes: sheets, pillow case(s),
(got comforters 1 ea. queen and 1 ea. king)
14a. 4 Shower towels
14b. 4 Shower towels
8 or more  (have 4, need 4) New only
15. Cleaning supplies 1 of each item listed in notes New only
Includes: dish soap, laundry
detergent, and multi-surface

Secondary Items
In addition to the primary items, these secondary items will be helpful and are much appreciated (lined-out items are spoken for):
Item: Quantity: Notes:
1. Garbage bins 3+ New only
Of varying size: small, and large
(for kitchen)
2. Recycling bin 1 New only
3. Garbage liners 1 or more packs Sizes correspond to garbage
4. Dish cloths 4+ New or gently used
5. Dish sponge 2+ New only
6. Mop 1 New only
7. Mop bucket 1 New only
8. Dustpan 1-2 New or gently used
9. Broom 1-2 New or gently used
10. Bathroom mat 1-2 New only
11. Entryway rug 1-2 New or gently used
12a. 2 Bed pillows
12b. 2 Bed pillows
12c. 2 Bed pillows
12d. 2 Bed pillows
8* or more total, needed New only
Twin or full-sized
13. Cookie sheet 1 or more
14. Baking dish 1 or more
15. Toys
1* or more for each child
(have 4 for younger children)
New or gently used
Age ranges specific to each
16. Rice cooker
  • Cutting boards
  • Shower curtain rings
  • Stock pot with lid
  • Tea pot or electric kettle

  • Stovetop pressure cooker (no insta pots)  

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