Member Care
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What is Member Care?
Rotarians are great at focusing on, and providing service to, our communities and the world to address the many needs that exist.  We offer grants and donations to our community that are in need of support.  We help internationally in our seven areas of focus to address the great needs that exist in the world. Member Care extends that focus of needs and service internally to our club.  Our Stillwater Sunrise Rotary club is a community, and occasionally our members have needs that can be helped by the assistance of others. Member Care is a means for club members to communicate their specific need in a way that provides an opportunity for other club members to assist.
What is the scope of Member Care?
RIDES:  Currently, as we get the program started, the focus is specifically on transportation or rides that members may need help with.  An example is:  rides to (or from) the airport. Based on the interest and support of our club members, the scope could expand in the future.

How does Member Care work?
Step 1:  Click on the “Member Care” button on our club website’s home page.
Step 2:  Fill out the information on the Member Care page (below) with your name, email, and comments (specifically what you are asking assistance for – including dates and times)
Step 3:  Your request will be sent to our Member Care Coordinator (Lenny Snellman), who will work to find resources to support your request, if possible.
Step 4:  Member Care Coordinator (Lenny) will reply to you to confirm if your request can be met
For any question you may have about the program or process, contact any of our Member Care Team using the contact information available on the club roster: Ed Boeve, Wendy Heck, Rick Heidick, Lenny Snellman or Jeanne Matlock.
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