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During 2023 and 2024, the Pune Tilak Road Rotary Club and the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club are collaborating on a global grant project to build toilet facilities and install water purification systems for four schools in rural areas near Pune, India. The Pune club has a long history of successful projects in towns in the area, and knows how to build relationships with community leaders in the towns where they serve. In 2009, the two clubs collaborated on another successful sanitation and school facilities project in the nearby town of Mangaon.
Mangaon Waste Treatment Facility - 2009
Toilet Completed by Pune Club in January 2021
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At the most recent project meeting, the list of selected schools was released. The selected schools, hosting about 2000 students, are in these towns:
  • Baramati
  • Dhayari
  • Nasrapur
  • Shivapur
A variety of criteria were used for the selections, including: proximity to Pune, existing working relationship with the community, school administration amenable to work with Rotary on the project, and demonstrated need in the community. The article picture, above, is from an earlier successful water project in Shivapur. This completes a major project milestone, now allowing the design of toilet blocks and water purification systems to proceed for the specific needs in each community.  Please click "Read More" for a map of the communities.
Depending on the needs at each site, two types of water purification technology are available. When the water is reasonably clear of sediment, salt and other contaminants, ultraviolet purification can be used to destroy microbes in the water (pictured, above). More heavily contaminated water, or brackish water, requires a more intensive reverse osmosis process (below).
Click on "Read More" for details of the two processes.
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