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STRIVE Mentoring Video
Take a peek into the energy and enthusiasm of STRIVE Mentoring:  
Students Taking Renewed Interest in the Value of Education (S.T.R.I.V.E)

STRIVE Mentoring is a program connecting Stillwater Area High School students with adults from the community who will engage with and encourage them during these key years of their young life. Research shows that students who have trustworthy relationships with adults who are not their parents or teachers are beneficial for teenagers in many ways: increases their self-worth, gains perspective of the world around them, and gives them a sense of opportunities for their future. Our experience is that through mentorship, students are inspired to excel.

To learn more, check out the Resources linked to on this page: What is STRIVE Mentoring?; Mentor Role Description; Student Role Description; and several more. 

Contact: Brent Voight - Strive Coordinator
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STRIVE Stories
Our club has a new video available that describes our Strive mentoring program.  Click on the icon, below, to see the video: