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Sponsored by Stillwater Sunrise Rotary, this project establishes a well (750 ft. deep), a water tank, and plumbing to bring a spigot to over 120 families. Funding comes from The Rotary Foundation, Rotary District 5960 and our club.
Each spigot is metered, and each household pays for the water they use, as managed by their Community Water Governance Board. This "cost of water" provides the much needed funds to pay for the power for the pump, maintenance and repairs, providing sustainability for the system. While poor, the village can pay for this valued resource, and are proud to do so.
Our entire Rotary District 5960 has been working with this village for 8 years now with the goal of eliminating poverty through building leadership, economic and social capacity around community structure. This community structure is now in place, and this water project represents much success for the entire village.
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Latest Updates
The water project in El Corozo, Nicaragua made great progress during October. Click here for the full report, with pictures.
The community has really stepped up to help the project move forward.  It makes us smile when we see the photos and watch the short videos showing the involvement of the community members.
Our hope is that the distribution system from the well to the homes will be completed by early December.  But we do have to remember that it is Nicaragua and things often do move more slowly that we would like them to.
But what a great Christmas gift to have families able to access clean, potable water at their homes!
The water project made excellent progress during September, with the pumping test providing graphic evidence the project is going well. A flow of 48 gallons/minute was observed, which will fully meet the community needs. The budget plan was reviewed, and the project appears to be financially on track. Water quality testing has been done, and the report will be available next month. Coming up is the construction of the pump house, installation of the pump, then retaining tanks and community distribution piping. Project legal and documentation details are being managed. Some new pictures are available in the new album. And please click "Read More" for the full report.
The water system project in El Corozo, Nicaragua is proceeding nearly on schedule. Water was observed at a depth of 615 feet, and drilling has continued so that by June 27th, the depth of the well was 670 feet. The planned completion depth is 800 feet, and it is anticipated that this will be reached in early July. A pumping test is planned, using the final pump (on a generator) to pump 70 gallons per minute for 10 hours. Plans for the pump house, wiring and other well support elements are also proceeding. Once the well is operational, the final project phase will see the installation of retaining tanks, piping from the pump to the retaining tanks, piping from the retaining tanks to all homes, and installing meters at each home. More updates soon!
Drilling has started! This was a very big month for the project. The Rotary International Global Grant was approved, and we moved from Phase 3 to Phase 4 of the project. We had initial payments made and the drilling started on April 19th. the drilling rate of production to be about 18.2 feet per day. At this rate, the drilling to 800 feet would be accomplished by June 17th. No other work is commencing on the project until we get further into the drilling and have confidence of hitting water.
Check out this video from the El Corozo community where several residents of the community speak to the significance and impact that this water project has to the community:  And some pictures: album
Just 20 days ago, we got word that our global grant was approved - well ahead of the anticipated schedule. Over the weekend, the drilling rig was moved into position and set up, and drilling was scheduled to start ... today! (Update 4/26 - drilling is indeed underway!) Stay tuned on this fast-moving project. Many years of work have gone into creating the environment where this complex project can succeed, long term, and it's exciting to see the construction start.
Here is a link to a video from the El Corozo community that speaks to the work completed, and underway,for community governance:
El Corozo Project Photo Albums
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