Public Image Links

Submit Pics and Info: If you have event pictures and info to share with the webmaster, select this. It's the same link as "Request Social Media Posting" - but you can simply submit the rough info you have, and leave the rest blank! Other good options are to email or text Ted with the pictures and info.

Request Social Media Posting: This allows you to submit a single prototype posting, and have it be launched on all the social media outlets our club supports, as well as going on our website.
Activity Notice/Budget Request: Use this to notify the club's board about a program, initiative or event you'll be leading, and to request budget items for the activity.

Publicity Checklist: This checklist allows a leader or a team to plan for publicity for their activity, and directs them to our web pages where social media posts can be requested, and to where budget for publicity efforts can be requested.

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