We feature a speaker for 20-25 minutes at our meeting, most weeks. If you would like to speak to our diverse group of leaders some morning, we invite you to contact us! Just click on Contact Us, and you'll be connected to our programs person.


Our meetings are hybrid, so they can be attended both in person and online. As a result, we prefer to use our normal meeting computer (a late model Windows laptop) to show presentations and videos to support presentations. Bring presentations on a USB thumb drive in PowerPoint format (and consider a backup, on a second thumb drive, in PDF format). A possible option is for the presenter to connect their computer to the online meeting, and share that way.

Speaker Information Sheet

You can download a speaker information sheet here: Speaker Info.

Speaker Calendar

You can see our detailed speaker calendar here: Speaker Calendar

Speaker Suggestions

Access this from the Member Links menu (login required).


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