Paul Harris Service Award Nomination

Here you can nominate someone for one of our club's annual the Paul Harris Service Awards...

The vision of the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary club is to:

Set the standard of service in the St Croix Valley

We strive every day to do good in the world, and we know many others are doing the same.   We want to recognize both club members and community members in their efforts to do good in the world.
Paul Harris is the founder of Rotary and its legacy of doing good in the world.   The Paul Harris Fellow award is given across the world to Rotary members for their financial donations to Rotary.  Service work is also a major component in doing good in the world, and Stillwater Sunrise Rotary is now recognizing both club and community members with the same high Rotary honor for the service work they do.
  Awards are given in three categories:

  • Club Member
  • Community member (outside of club)
  • Youth community member (less than 21 years old)

These awards recognize an individual's success advancing at least one of the seven areas of Rotary focus (see, or service work in support of Stillwater Sunrise Rotary’s projects:


Support Stillwater Sunrise Rotary's efforts to do good in the world



  1. The nomination could be triggered by a specific event, but the committee will prioritize ongoing service
  2. The nomination focuses on work that happened in the last Rotary year (e.g., July, 2021- June, 2022)
  3. Service should support one or more of Rotary's areas of focus and/or support Stillwater Sunrise Rotary's efforts to do good in the world.
  4. The service is not the primary responsibility of the person’s paid job
  5. Nominee is located in the St. Croix Valley area


  • The deadline for nominations is July 15, for the previous July-June period.
  • A committee from the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary club will select the winners
  • The awards are presented at the Annual Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Foundation Celebration which occurs each September.

Please submit your nominations using our online form:

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